April 27, 2022

Most military analysts have speculated that the war in the Ukraine will last for a long time. However, it’s clear that Putin is feeling more desperate and uncertain about the outcome. Putin just cut gas supplies to two of Ukraine’s Eastern European allies. Meanwhile, Finland and Sweden, after years of neutrality, are seriously considering joining NATO together. Putin’s ultimate goal is widely known — to expand Russia’s territory to its glory days — and yet he’s losing this war in more ways than he can see; Seems the Supreme Court may side with Trump’s old immigration policy; New report finds national registries tracking child abuse and neglect punish parents of color, even though many have done nothing wrong; Water is trickling into the national consciousness with its impending shortage; New app creates stronger awareness and help for Brazilian Amazon farmers; and Ever meet an indigenous Bolivian rapper? Meet Alwa. Go beyond the headlines…

Zelenskyy claims Russia launched missiles that flew over three nuclear plants

Russia says it has cut gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria

Biden to comply with forthcoming order to keep Covid border restrictions in place

Child Abuse And Neglect Registries Punish Parents Of Color, Many Of Whom Have Done Nothing Wrong

Antisemitic Incidents in U.S. Hit Record High in 2021: Report

Millions must cut water use in drought-stricken California

Harvard releases report detailing its ties to slavery, plans to issue reparations

New App Combats Deforestation and Boosts Profits in Brazilian Amazon

Costa Rica’s Coco Island National Park Declared Natural Shark Sanctuary

First Aymara rapper Alwa conquers Bolivia 

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