April 28, 2023

Every day, there are reports of migrants either surging at the southern border or ‘on the way.’ There’s no reason to doubt it. After all, in each of these countries spawning massive exoduses, there is violence, corruption, oppression and natural calamities due to climate change — and governments either complicit or unequipped to help their citizens . To think, that as the world steadily continues to ‘heat’ up (in all facets of the meaning) that things won’t get worse is delusional at best. The Biden admin announced they’re going to be proactive in combatting migrant surges at our border and plan on doing something that is long overdue, and in many cases, may be too late to make a difference; There is a war on women by the GOP and what the Senate GOP just did only confirms it; More companies are announcing layoffs and economists say, “Don’t worry. There’s still plenty of jobs.” Not sure where these people are seeing the jobs or assuming that everyone qualifies for them, but CNN created a layoff tracker to help us keep up with all the bad news; We just got another reason to use our air fryers!; and If you fantasize about playing chess against more people than old Tio Juan, there’s a new app for that! Go beyond the headlines…

A new portrait of American teenagers in crisis

Migrants: US to open new processing centres in Colombia and Guatemala

Senate GOP blocks Equal Rights Amendment

2023 layoff tracker: The latest on which companies have announced job cuts

Latinos Aren’t Appointed to Nonprofit Boards in Big Cities in Big Numbers

How You Can See Tens of Thousands of Fireflies Flash in Unison

Frequent fried food consumption linked to anxiety and depression

Chess champion spearheads new company, launches fantasy chess app

Mexico’s president one of the Spanish-speaking world’s most popular streamers

Chinese migrants find tips on social media for long trek to U.S.-Mexico border

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