May 1, 2023

Mass shootings. Increasing global tensions. Economic insecurity. Accelerating climate changes. Is it any wonder how young people see the future?; The GOP wants to limit food aid. How do we know this? They want to require more people receiving SNAP benefits to work. It’s such a crock reason. One of the reasons why most people get SNAP is because they either can’t find work or don’t make enough at the sorry jobs they have. GOP is quickly cementing its rep as elite conservatives who favor the rich over everyone else; Have Latino voters really “soured” on Biden?; Climate scientists are telling us to get ready for a year filled with more supercell storms, massive flooding and unbearable heat waves — thanks to one climate event; and Rutgers University releases a new app to help us all through another kind of storm — ’emotional storms.’ Go beyond the headlines…

America’s youth fears for the future

Russian forces firing dozens of missiles and drones into Ukraine

SNAP work requirements don’t actually get more people working – but they do drastically limit the availability of food aid

Hispanic voters have soured on Biden. Now he needs to win them back.

From bad to worse: Student misbehavior rises further since return of in-person classes

Study finds only 6% of nations provide for citizens in a just, sustainable manner

Growing El Niño threatens more extreme heat in 2023

New app out of Rutgers designed to help you through ’emotional storms’

Paraguay’s conservatives score big election win, defusing Taiwan fears

Ecuador’s political instability, explained

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