April 29, 2024

There’s no doubt Israel’s actions in Gaza are reverberating around the globe. News came over the weekend that arrest warrants for officials of Israel and Hamas may be forthcoming from the International Criminal Court in The Hague for violating international law. And college students everywhere are protesting Israel’s unrelentless bombing of Gaza, without regard to innocent Palestinians. Yet, some college student protesters aren’t acting any better than the Israeli government by targeting Jewish students and causing something researchers are finding to be widespread on American campuses; The searing heat wave in parts of the world where it’s summer shows us what to expect ourselves this summer — and it’s not good; Retirement? It’s turning out to be the elusive ending to the American Dream; A global study uncovers an interesting tidbit about the planet’s insects; and We may think our presidential election is volatile but our’s is nothing compared to Mexico’s. Go beyond the headlines…

Fear is widespread on American campuses, researcher says

Heat wave in Southeast Asia closes schools, triggers health alerts

Cybersecurity researchers spotlight a new ransomware threat – be careful where you upload files

New immigration reality: The economy needs workers

America’s Retirement Dream is Dying

An Unexpected Function Discovered Inside The ‘Little Brain’ at The Back of Your Head

Global study shows a third more insects come out after dark

Penn College students help historical museum launch new app

Mexico is heading towards its most violent election ever, with 30 candidates murdered, 77 threatened and 11 kidnapped

Rio de Janiero’s reporters risk death to reveal criminal ties between police, politicians and mafia

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