March 31, 2023

No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, the indictment of a former president is historic for the US. Other countries have long viewed their political leaders as fallible and prosecutable, unless they’re a Russia, China, North Korea, etc. But we’re discovering from presidential memoirs and historians’ interviews that the practice was never adopted here for a number of reasons, most notably because it was felt Americans weren’t ready for such a thing. The day a people aren’t ready for justice to be served is a whole other conversation. Yet, we have finally arrived at a point in history that one man’s lying ways caught him in a web of deceit that is now threatening to forever tarnish whatever legacy he wanted to leave — and this isn’t even the most serious of charges he’s facing. But isn’t it always the simplest of lies that takes anyone down? Former President Trump indicted on more than 30 counts of business fraud; The national attack against transgender children and the onslaught of anti-trans bills that have been sweeping across state legislatures reveals a coordinated strategy to vilify and criminalize transgender people of all ages. Who is spearheading the attack? Several specific right-wing orgs; The latest UCLA Hollywood diversity report reveals actors-of-color have a better chance of being cast in these kinds of films; and Have you wanted to try your hand at ChatGPT but didn’t know where to begin? There’s an app for that now! Go beyond the headlines…

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