April 4, 2024

You know it’s a presidential election year when yet another voter sentiment survey is published. One of the latest surveys portends to declare what’s worrying us the most this year. I have a feeling it left out something worse than terrorism; How can Israel get their bombing targets so wrong when using this extra tool in their arsenal; Immigration, illegal and legal, is helping our economy more than the average person really knows; Does venting really help? New research says it’s not as effective as doing something else; and dementia may be an ‘old’ person’s disease but its roots can take hold when we’re young. A new app detects those early warning signs in young people. Go beyond the headlines…

More Americans say they are worried about illegal immigration, terrorism in 2024: Survey

Israel is using artificial intelligence to help pick bombing targets in Gaza, report says

Warning Issued About 2024 Election Interference

Immigration Helps US Jobs Grow Faster Than Powell’s Speed Limit

Handful of companies churn out 80% of post-Paris Agreement carbon dioxide emissions

Venting Doesn’t Reduce Anger, But Something Else Does, Study Finds

Virtual skin contact: Smart textiles are making remote hugs tangible

Tests show new smartphone app could pick up early signs of dementia in young people

What is the sixth mass extinction? 2 trailblazing Mexican scientists explain

Global rainforest loss continues at rate of 10 football pitches a minute

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