April 5, 2022

Ukraine’s President Zelensky will appear before the UN Security Council today. He will be doing what he has been doing since the invasion started – plead for more help and show the atrocities Putin’s armed forces have committed against Ukrainians. As Zelensky makes his case, in a voice that is getting hoarse from his worldwide virtual mission to help his country, UN ambassadors are debating whether or not to bar Russia from the Human Rights Council. Really? Puerto Rican health care providers are demanding a perfectly reasonable change in Medicare practice. Who’s listening?; A new study underscores just how deadly Covid-19 was depending on your economic status; The UN is letting us know just how much time we have left on this planet if we don’t do anything about changing our habits; and 7000 steps. That’s all it takes. Go beyond the headlines…

Ukraine massacre has U.S. and allies seeking new ways to punish Putin

Ukraine president to speak at U.N. amid growing accusations of war crimes

Puerto Rico health care providers call for Medicare equity

The Biden Administration Is Now Allowing Prosecutors To Dismiss Certain Deportation Cases

Poor Americans Died From COVID at Twice the Rate of Rich People: Study

7,000 steps can save your life

UN warns Earth ‘firmly on track toward an unlivable world’

New RealityScan app can make 3D models from smartphone photos

Hundreds of Ukrainians shelter in Mexico as they wait to cross U.S. border

Bird populations in Panama rainforest in severe decline, study finds

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