April 4, 2022

Putin’s atrocities are piling up in the Ukraine. Corpses of civilians, children, men and women with hands bound and bullet holes in their heads, trenches filled with lifeless bodies, burned out homes, cars and cities are multiplying. Ukraine’s president continues his global plea for help. The West refuses to engage Putin directly because they don’t want to “escalate” or “provoke” him. Too late. If this war is against democracy, as all the world leaders contend, then why has Ukraine been designated the ‘sacrificial lamb?’; The labor shortage is driving employers to do something that is a godsend for former felons; Why was California’s law mandating diversity on corporate boards just ruled unconstitutional?; and Want to do your part in the new era of patrolling space? There’s an app for that! Go beyond the headlines…

Bodies of ‘executed people’ strewn across street in Bucha as Ukraine accuses Russia of war crimes

U.S. quietly approves more aid as Ukraine braces for ‘chemical and biological’ attacks

Employers revamp background checks to help fight labor shortage

Biden Is Ending Trump-Era Border Restrictions For Asylum-Seekers

California’s law mandating corporate boards to diversity was ruled unconstitutional

One-third of Latinos blame debt issues on parents not teaching them how to manage money

‘Flash droughts’ coming on faster, global study shows

New app turns your phone into a space monitoring tool

Costa Rica elects anti-establishment candidate as president

Walmart Owns Most of the Supermarkets in Mexico

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