April 6, 2022

Russia continues to bomb and commit crimes in the Ukraine and Ukraine’s president Zelensky continues to plead with the world to do something to stop Putin. How many crimes must be committed, people executed, women raped and children killed before the West steps up? Biden admin’s decision on student loans has debt-ridden students breathing a temporary sigh of relief; Just how high will food prices go?; With the rise of cannibas usage, most don’t know how using it interacts with other medications. Now, there’s an app for that; Argentina’s unprecedented heat wave is shining a spotlight on something that will affect the world. Go beyond the headlines…

Russian forces pound key cities as West prepares new sanctions

Zelensky tells UN “it’s time to transform” its system

White House to extend student loan moratorium once again

Get ready to spend more at the grocery store. Food prices expected to soar, USDA predicts.

US airport security screening to become more gender-neutral

A Mexican American superhero travels to Ukraine’s aid in new comic book

The Earth beneath us may be shifting — not static

New app shows how cannabinoids could interact with other medications

Mexico’s president will fly over Quintana Roo once a month until December 2023

Millions in Argentina Struggle to Access Water in Historic Heat

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