April 7, 2022

The mounting Russian atrocities in the Ukraine may be starting to sway those countries who have yet to condemn Putin — but Mexico still says nada; Putin’s tactics may wreak of old-school thinking but it’s 21st technology bolstering the resistance and we know which side is winning on all fronts; So, Texas was going to weed out ineligible voters with passage of their Voter ID law. They succeeded — in denying 25,000 voters their constitutional right to cast a vote. What a disgrace; Did scientists just discover a far-off galaxy?; and Some other scientists in Chile just found a cemetery of fossilized creatures that illustrates why our ancestors always included flying dragons in their stories. Go beyond the headlines…

Russia’s Bucha horrors are pushing India, Turkey, other studiously neutral countries to the brink of condemnation

Satellite companies join the hunt for Russian war crimes

Senate poised to confirm Jackson, first Black woman to Supreme Court

Almost 25,000 mail-in ballots were rejected in Texas for its March 1 primary election

No Kid Hungry and UnidosUS Join Forces to Break Down Barriers to Connect Latino Families to SNAP

Scientists have spotted the farthest galaxy ever

Wind energy company kills 150 eagles in US, pleads guilty

As Russia Plots Its Next Move, an AI Listens to the Chatter

2 Supreme Court rulings are setbacks for Mexico’s AMLO

Scientists discover ancient cemetery of flying reptiles in Chile’s Atacama desert

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