April 8, 2022

Russia bombed a train station where men, women and children were waiting for the next ride out of town. They thought they were being prudent, leaving before Russia started their next round of bombing. They were wrong. Russia is targeting civilians — and continues committing war crimes in plain sight. The West’s response is sending more weapons. Isn’t it time to put a collective end to Putin’s delusion for power? Would it really be starting WW3 or preventing it?; More families are falling into poverty since child tax credit is ending; The US has the most diverse Supreme Court in its history but there’s room to do more; Is Mexico’s relationship with the US worsening?; and Scientists can’t warn the world more urgently about climate change than with its latest finding. Go beyond the headlines…

Rocket attack on Ukraine train station kills over 30 trying to flee, over 100 injured

US speeds entry for Ukrainians as more reach Mexico border

Alabama passes bill making some transgender healthcare a felony

The child tax credit was a lifeline. Now some families are falling back into poverty

Ketanji Brown Jackson Confirmed to the Supreme Court, Becoming the First Black Woman Justice in U.S. History

Researchers identified over 5,500 new viruses in the ocean, including a missing link in viral evolution

Earth’s CO2 levels to hit alarming milestone

New app encouraging students to ‘be real’ sweeps campus

Mexico’s AMLO says US senators liars after accusation of using justice system for own gain

Puerto Rico power outage plunges over 1 million into darkness

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