April 9, 2020

Lines at food banks are getting longer. Layoffs are getting more prevalent. Whole industries are predicted to go extinct. Bank accounts are shrinking. As self-isolation goes from staycation mode to anxious panic, those needing money to pay for essentials is rising. Conflicting reports are telling us when to expect stimulus checks. Let’s hope the latest report from USA Today is right; The CDC is now issuing new guidance on when essential workers exposed to the virus can return to work; We’ve posted it before but it bears repeating: Domestic violence is growing in wake of coronavirus outbreak.(If you need help, reach out. Don’t suffer.); and Mexico is enlisting a new kind of army to combat the rise of coronavirus. Go beyond the headlines…

Americans could start receiving stimulus checks starting on April 9

US newspapers face ‘extinction-level’ crisis as Covid-19 hits hard

CDC issues new guidance for essential workers exposed to coronavirus

Domestic violence growing in wake of coronavirus outbreak

The Coronavirus Has Derailed The Citizenship Oath For Thousands Of Immigrants Who Are Anxious To Vote

New York City’s Latinx Residents Hit Hardest By Coronavirus Deaths

UC Davis researchers launch new COVID-19 tracking application

New app rewards users for self-isolating amid coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus in Cuba: record 61 cases in one day, deaths reach 12

Drones, Mexico’s new air force fighting Covid-19 from the sky

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