April 8, 2024

Today is the day the Solar Eclipse will cut diagonally across the United States and mesmerize everyone in its path. Yet, because the earth is rotating as the eclipse is happening, people won’t see the celestial event at the same time. Be sure to check what time the eclipse is happening where you live; Women voters are taking a stand in this year’s presidential election. Do you think you know for whom? Don’t be so sure; Some (clear-headed) GOP congressional leaders are sounding the alarm that several of their conservative colleagues are echoing seriously disturbing Russian propoganda — on the House floor!; Why is the US economy outperforming every other economy around the world? There’s a reason and it’s thanks to a specific segment of our population; Did you know the Polar Vortex has already shifted?; and Scientists have discovered an unique way to heal the planet’s coral reefs. Go beyond the headlines…

Here’s where women voters stand in the Biden-Trump rematch

Report: Israeli doctor says detained Palestinians are undergoing ‘routine’ amputations for handcuff injuries

Russian propaganda “being uttered on the House floor”

The Workforce Saving America’s Economy

Here’s what time the eclipse will be visible in your region

Brain scans of Philly jazz musicians reveal secrets to reaching creative flow

The Polar Vortex Has Shifted Into Reverse – And Is Now Spinning Backwards

Using soundscapes to heal the ocean’s coral reefs

A new declaration in Mexico gives 19 cats roaming the presidential palace food and care fur-ever

Taiwan lashes out after Bolivia expresses solidarity with China over quake that killed 10 on self-ruled island

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