April 9, 2024

When I was in grade school, my favorite subject was history. I particularly liked reading about how the Continental soldiers, that would be our Revolutionary War ancestors, beat the British by ditching traditional British fighting — march, kneel, aim and shoot — and practiced the element of surprise. They hid behind trees, shot without warning and basically wore their rebel streak on their chests and through their flintlock muskets. They were a symbol of us new ‘Americans’ not bowing down to any one person or being hoodwinked by false promises. After all, it was a new concept those new Americans were fighting for — independence! In this day and age, we are being lead to believe that our independence doesn’t mean that much to us anymore. We’ve surrendered our right to determine what women do with their own bodies. We’ve surrendered which books we choose to read. We’ve surrendered our right to speak out against blatantly corrupt political leaders. Yet, though those are real issues, it seems we haven’t ALL surrendered our independence. A new study finds it’s really how the media covers our divisions that leads us all to presuming that we are more divided than united. Unfortunately, because the media has the bigger megaphone, the assumption of a divided country wins out. Isn’t it time Americans took back our narrative?; An amazing thing happened in Switzerland with a group of senior women; Sad to say, we’ve broken another record; and Archeologists discovered a new (Stone) Henge, and it’s got them excited! Go beyond the headlines…

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Scientists urge Mexico to save its ‘most important’ telescope

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