April 10, 2024

Neutrality. Pacifist. Conscientious objector. Peacemaker. Nonviolent. Historically, these words designated individuals or countries as taking a stand against military violence and war. As society evolved, only 10 countries took such a stand. According to claude.ai, the countries included: Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, Costa Rica, Panama, Turkmenistan, Laos and Moldova. However, because of Russia’s disregard for its neighbor’s borders, Sweden, Finland and Austria have decided it’s not wise to take such a conscientious stand any longer, and Switzerland just took the boldest move in its history; Have fur babies? Seems there are some cities more suited for ‘pet parents;’ Is the US economy heading into uncertain times?; It took the EPA long enough to finally do this one thing that makes a big difference to our health; and Many are enraged at Israel’s indiscriminate killing of Palestinians and those from the international community trying to bring food and relief. Now, there’s an app that lets people put their displeasure into action by pulling support for those brands that support Israel. Go beyond the headlines…

New Survey Ranks the Best U.S. Cities for Pet Parents

Neutral Switzerland joins European Sky Shield defence project

Arizona Migrant Deaths Could Hit ‘Unprecedented’ Highs

With inflation stalling, the long-predicted storm clouds in the economy may actually be forming

Climate protection is now a human right — and lawsuits will follow

EPA sets first-ever national limits for ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water

First languages of North America traced back to two very different language groups from Siberia

The app helping people boycott brands supporting Israel

Subsidence is causing parts of Mexico City to sink. That’s bad news for its sprawling public transportation system.

Epidemic fears as 80% of Indigenous Amazon tribe fall ill

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