August 1, 2022

Free speech. Democracy. 2020 election deniers. Republicans. Those four words sum up the gist of our politics today — and the future of our country tomorrow. The Pope just finished an apology tour to Canada’s indigeous peoples. In the strongest condemnation from any church leader, the Pope verbalized what many people have long believed what happened to the children and indigenous families; Climate change is in full action. Yet, unbelievably, many political leaders still won’t admit it. Not even with the number of wildfires burning across the US; The worst massacre in 124 years of dolphins just occurred; and Is it a miracle? Parishioners in Mexico say it is and they have a video to prove it. Go beyond the headlines…

Top election official races feature deniers of 2020 results

Free speech is essential for democracy. Could it also be democracy’s downfall?

Why the American Dream is more attainable in some cities than others

Pope says genocide took place at Church schools in Canada for indigenous children

‘I’m alone’: These asylum seekers find themselves on the street as they await immigration hearings

53 large wildfires burn across the U.S. amid heat wave threat

Dolphins Slaughtered in Faroe Islands in Biggest Massacre in 124 Years

New app looks to help farmers identify insects

Church-goers claim miracle in Jalisco; archbishop urges prudence

Bolivia’s Morales keeps up comeback hopes as Copa Evo kicks off

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