August 2, 2022

For some reason, GOP politicians feel that their narrow and restrictive interpretation of the issues and the concept of freedom of choice in our democracy, gives them a mandate to impose on the whole nation their archaic religious views. Well, if early polls are an indication, those GOP politicians out-of-step with 21st Century Americans and the US Constitution, may get their day of reckoning; Conservative cable news shows love bashing Biden for inflation, which is laughable if you know anything about how the economy works. However, researchers say we should lay blame less on the White House and look no farther than our own local politicians; and Pinterest launches new app to make it easier to create moodboards. Go beyond the headlines…

Vast Majority Of Americans Don’t Want Abortion Bans, Poll Finds—Even In States Where It’s Already Outlawed

Top Dems allege evidence of cover-up in DHS IG Secret Service texts probe

Mad about inflation? Blame your local officials

Inflation is spiking around the world – not just in the United States

New business accelerator in Colorado aims to boost the future of the US economy by helping build up Latino companies

Why You Should Watch the 2022 Perseid Meteor Shower Before It Peaks

Study finds cable news networks have grown more polarized

Pinterest debuts a new app, Shuffles, for collage-making and moodboards

Global Innovation Spotlight: Peru

Jalisco woman continues to hold world record for most body modifications

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