August 1, 2023

Student borrowers sinking deeper into debt, as repayment on school loans looms overhead, are being thrown a lifeline that the White House hopes will SAVE them; Interesting news coming out of China that has everyone flocking to a Chinese zoo to see a wonder of nature(?); Disturbing stats: Our country, according to politicians, that still holds the American Dream, is doing a pretty poor job, a.k.a. Republican-led state legislatures, in diminishing the quality of life for expectant women and everyone who doesn’t want to stay isolated in their homes every day. Thanks GOP!; There are several astronomical events happening in the skies in the next few months. If you want to catch a supernova, now you can. With, you got it, an app to let you know. Go beyond the headlines…

New income-driven student loan repayment plan available to borrowers

Tourists flock to Chinese zoo to see ‘human-like’ bear

U.S. averaging 2 mass shootings per day so far this year

‘It’s a crisis’: Maternal health care disappears for millions

Election disinformation campaigns targeted voters of color in 2020. Experts expect 2024 to be worse

Using AI, scientists bring Neanderthal antibiotics back from extinction

Plans to plant billions of trees threatened by massive undersupply of seedlings

Want to catch a supernova? There’s a new app for that

New plant species discovered in San Miguel de Allende

Hair loom: the Peruvian wigmakers weaving a new trade for women in the Andes

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