July 31, 2023

NATO countries are getting nervous. Not because of Russia but because of the mercenaries who dared to challenge Putin and now appears to want to do the same to other countries; Will we have a recession or are we already in a recession or is recession talk the fodder of doomsayers? No one really knows but one thing is certain, we are having inflation; Some Congressional members are sounding the alarm over a mysterious group buying land near a US Air Force base in California. Who would buy it, why are they suing farmers and what is the motivation behind it all?; Obesity drugs are all the rage but some warn against the downsides; and Tired of companies co-opting our personal data? There’s an app for that now (which is kind of ironic). Go beyond the headlines…

Renters get relief from rising prices – except in certain US cities

Wagner Mercenaries in Belarus Move Closer to the Polish Border, Poland’s Prime Minister Says

3 reasons the US might actually fix inflation without a recession

Mystery Group Buying Land Near Air Force Base Now Suing Farmers–Congressman

The potential downsides of new blockbuster obesity drugs

Antarctica is missing an Argentina-sized amount of sea ice – and scientists are scrambling to figure out why

Youth placed in adult prison have their lives cut shorter, study says

New App Empowers Consumers to Monetize Their Personal Data

LatAm’s first space camp for kids takes off in Guadalajara

A drought alert for Bolivia’s receding Lake Titicaca has Indigenous communities worried for their future

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