August 2, 2023

The research is in: teens should be encouraged to care about issues and become activists. Why? Involved youth grow up to be better critical thinkers and we sure need more critical thinkers in these times; Hear about what Fitch did to the US credit rating? They don’t have a high opinion of the nation, and sadly, it’s a sentiment shared among the world; Still have a box of incandescent bulbs? It’s the last one you’ll ever buy – legally; Surfers are celebrating California’s latest asset – big waves. Unfortunately, climate scientists say those big waves bring a big risk to the Golden State; And hate to think about your finances? You’re not alone but a new app aims to help you create positive habits through mindfulness. Go beyond the headlines…

Existential threats to humanity are soaring this year

Russia strikes Ukraine’s Danube port, sending global grain prices higher

Fitch downgrades U.S. debt, citing political “deterioration”

Housing costs are rising twice as fast as everything else — and it’s crippling cities

4 things to know as full enforcement of incandescent bulb ban begins

California’s Waves Are Getting Bigger

Teens engaged in activism become better critical thinkers, study finds

New app helps people create positive habits with their finances through mindfulness

Yucatán youth enlist their elders to keep traditional Maya medicine alive 

US to introduce UN resolution for multinational force in Haiti

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