August 15, 2023

The Georgia indictment delivered overnight against Trump is the fourth indictment against the former president, and the most challenging for him and his legal team to defend the assumption of his innocence. After all, every charge in this indictment has a clear proof of illegal conduct via recorded messages, recorded phone calls, witness testimony, social media postings, etc. So, while all the indictments against Trump are important and highlight illegal activity, the Georgia indictment appears more lethal to Trump’s future; While it may not have been in the US interest to stay in Afghanistan any longer, it was a clear abandonment of the women and girls who historically have suffered under Taliban rule. A new report shows it hasn’t gotten any better for them; Using your credit card to make ends meet these days? You’re not alone, but it’s smart to remember that credit isn’t free; Scientists are excited about a new invention — paint that doesn’t just look good on the walls but has special properties that enhance our quality of life; and Mexico has its own version of ‘Noah’s Ark’ that is already seeing several species being ‘saved.’ Go beyond the headlines…

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