August 16, 2023

Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, California and Colorado are facing a grim future, perhaps before the rest of North America. According to a new study, these states are already starting to suffer from one of the most dire consequences of climate change; What North Korea says about the AWOL US soldier who bolted across their border is more believable than not; A government review of ICE detention conditions reveals ‘barbaric’ conditions; Ever wonder how carbonated drinks are made?; What if every room of your house could have an air purifier that didn’t cost you anymore than the price of a lampshade?; and New web app calculates for food service providers just how big a carbon footprint their meals serve up. Go beyond the headlines…

Colorado River region contains the top most water-stressed US states: report

North Korea says AWOL US soldier Travis King wants refuge from mistreatment, racism in US

Republicans Are Replacing ‘Woke’ With ‘Weaponizing’: Ret. General

Credit card delinquencies jump past pre-pandemic levels

Government’s own experts found ‘barbaric’ and ‘negligent’ conditions in ICE detention

The bubbly chemistry behind carbonated beverages

Clever coating turns lampshades into indoor air purifiers

Web app helps food service providers calculate carbon footprint of a dish

Archaeologists find 1,200 year-old burial in Campeche

How Ecuador Became One Of The Most Violent Countries In Latin America

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