August 17, 2023

A new poll surveying Americans’ worst fears highlights the depth of selfishness that permeates our society. The top 2 ‘fears’: opioids and obesity are issues that shouldn’t be issues because both depend on personal choice. Taking drugs or binging on food are things within our control. The argument that addiction drives abuse of drugs and food isn’t an excuse. There are treatments available, at all price levels, to help. Again, it’s a matter of personal will and to fear those 2 issues means people fear themselves making the wrong decisions? Fearful issues should be things out of our control: war, climate change, erosion of civil liberties, random gun violence, etc. It’s time we stop blaming others for our own shortcomings and be proactive to change our circumstances. Maybe then we’ll take responsibility for changing the future course of those issues that really should make us afraid; It took a(another) study to tell us that hurricanes in the US kill more people of color, aka vulnerable communities. I have only 1 word: Katrina; It’s not surprising that states with anti-immigrant laws are leaving our youngest Latino immigrants in poorer health; Just when the news about the future of bees looked promising, a new kind of hornet arrives in the US; and Mexico has long been known for its cartel violence. Many thought the brutality was a relic of the past — until this new video. Go beyond the headlines…

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