August 18, 2022

People surveyed, along with conservative politicians, are blaming the Biden administration for inflation. Yet, new studies show a direct correlation between climate change and the severity of inflation, and these same people either (still) don’t believe in climate change or refuse to see the link. Even though we’re literally sitting on a ticking time bomb; Long Covid is a real thing and now scientists can link to precise brain disorders resulting from the infection; USA Today compiled a mass killings database and the trends it reveals is not promising; A root extract that could treat Type 2 diabetes? Not that farfetched; Don’t have enough natural light in your home? There’s a virtual window to cure those blues; and More people are fleeing this one country, and headed to the US, than during 1980 and 1994. Guessed the country yet? Go beyond the headlines…

Extreme heat is slamming the world’s three biggest economies all at once

COVID linked to brain disorders up to 2 years on from infection

DRIED UP: Texas cattle industry faces existential crisis from historic drought

Key Equal Rights Amendment activists long avoided tying it to abortion. A group of teenagers is changing that.

Mass killings database reveals trends, details and anguish in every US event since 2006

The northern lights could be a lot farther south tonight

Root extract may treat Type 2 diabetes

Virtual windows mimic natural light and sky views

Increased criminal activity puts Zacatecas on US list of ‘Do Not Travel’ states

More People Are Fleeing Cuba Now Than During 1980 and 1994 Crises

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