August 18, 2023

Russia and China are teaming up against the ‘West.’ The us-against-them mentality has existed since before the Cold War of the 50s, 60s and 70s and you might say, what’s new? Well, these two obviously see an opportunity and they’re inviting North Korea. Safe to assume, Iran won’t be excluded for long, and any other country with a huge vendetta against the US, which are a lot more than we would like to believe. The latest sign of this growing partnership among the arch villains of the planet happened in the Pacific. It was worrisome enough that Japan scrambled its jets just to be on the safe side. But things are heating up much closer to home for us. For example, Bolivia has gotten cozy with Iran and intel says Iran is placing their weapons in the country, which is only 4,240 miles from our doorstep; Cannabis is ‘growing’ in popularity. Guess who are its biggest users?; Have medical doctors been removing an organ essential in our fight against cancer? Goes to show our own bodies are still a mystery even to us; and Why are animal shelters bursting at the seams? The answer is heartbreaking. Go beyond the headlines…

Young adults sour on drinking alcohol

Japan scrambles jets amid Russian and Chinese naval patrol in Pacific

Here’s why Americans can’t stop living paycheck to paycheck

Americans can’t afford their pets. It’s pushing animal shelters to the brink.

Senior citizens are the fastest-growing cannabis clientele

Workers Discover Ancient Skeleton of Young Mayan Woman Wearing Jade Ring

‘Useless’ Organ That Doctors Often Remove May Actually Fight Cancer

Phone app helped students cut down on drinking, researchers say

1,500-year-old Teotihuacan village found in Mexico City

Iran’s Weapons Now Reach the Western Hemisphere with Bolivia

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