August 21, 2020

With every racist, nonsensical utterance by Trump, it’s understandable that the nation yearns for a decent, intelligent, compassionate and empathetic leader. Last night’s Democratic National Convention’s finale showcased former Vice-President Joe Biden emergence as ‘his own man’ and the antithesis to Trump. He’s no longer overshadowed by Obama and is proving to be a full leader that many feared he wasn’t. He is. We fully believe in the urgently needed change that Biden/Harris will bring to the nation and set America’s priorities straight that a new analysis shows is sorely skewered. The proof of Biden’s ability will be on full display in the first presidential debate already slated for Sept. 29; An analysis of immigrant voting power shows where immigrants will have the most voting power; It’s no secret that Bernie Sanders appealed to a lot of Latino voters. Now, a former Sanders campaigner releases a book on how they made Sanders so attractive to Latino voters; and There’s finally good news: Racial disparities have all but disappeared when it comes to this cancer diagnosis. Go beyond the headlines…

When is the first presidential debate? September 29

Most US voters value party over democracy

Where immigrants will have the most voting power in 2020

Shadow Immigration System: Migrant Children Detained In Hotels By Private Contractors

New book reveals secrets to winning Latino voters in ‘Tío Bernie’

Affirmative action incentivizes high schoolers to perform better, new research shows

Racial disparities among lung cancer diagnoses have nearly vanished, new study finds

New study add evidence that children may play a larger role in community spread than previously thought

New App Promises to Help Us Safely Return to Large Events

Salvadoran City Facing Water Crisis amid Pandemic

Children rapidly deported from the United States strain Guatemalan shelters

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