August 22, 2023

These days, it’s not unusual that many of us feel helpless given the state of the planet. However, the key to some relief is that while there are issues out of our control, i.e. the weather, political corruption, organized crime violence, there are things we all can do something about. For example, another new record high was recorded regarding gun deaths among children. The fix here is easy. Restrict access to guns. All it takes is demand from the public and for it to be put on the ballot. Yet, that seems harder than trying to control a raging fire. Why?; Speaking of wildfires. 5 ‘surprising’ areas are quickly rising in wildfire risk; Can you guess who the nation’s biggest seller of sushi is?; and A new app is said to be revolutionizing lottery ticket purchases. Go beyond the headlines…

Gun deaths among U.S. children hit a new record high

Drone Strikes on Russian Airfields May Be Coming from Inside Russia: U.K.

5 ‘surprising’ areas where wildfire risk is rising

Kroger is the biggest seller of sushi in the U.S.: Report

An In-Depth Look at Latino History Among the Stars and Skies

Social media algorithms warp how people learn from each other, research shows

Physicists use a 350-year-old theorem to reveal new properties of light waves

New app ‘Jackpocket’ revolutionizes lottery ticket purchase on smartphones

Yucatán flag officially raised for first time in almost 2 centuries

‘Historic’: Ecuador voters reject oil drilling in Amazon protected area

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