August 23, 2023

As the US is (rightfully) preoccupied with our politics and natural disasters happening simultaneously from coast to coast, the rest of the world is thinking of the future and organizing — to the detriment of US inclusion; 1 in 5 women report mistreatment from medical staff during pregnancy. Why?; It was a basic humanitarian gesture when barrels of water were left in desolate Texas border areas for thirsty migrants on their treks to the US. Now, someone has removed them; This weekend, researchers and the curious will descend upon Loch Ness to hunt for the elusive (mythical?) creature in the biggest hunt in 50 years; and Amazon just launched a new channels app that could ‘signal’ the evolution of tv networks. Go beyond the headlines…

How to apply for the new student loan repayment plan

A Growing BRICS Bloc Shows U.S. Is Losing the Battle for the Global South

1 in 5 women report mistreatment from medical staff during pregnancy

Mortgage demand from homebuyers drops to a 28-year low as interest rates soar

Barrels of drinking water for migrants walking through Texas have disappeared

Loch Ness monster fans prepare for biggest creature hunt for 50 years

Population ecologist warns that humanity is on the verge of massive population correction

Amazon launches a Fire TV Channels app with 400+ free ad-supported TV channels

Mexican government decrees 13 new natural protected areas across country

Inflation at 100% has Argentine workers demanding pay in US dollars

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