August 24, 2023

As America spirals into divisive vitriol, there’s one type of communication bringing together more Americans; India just did what Russia couldn’t achieve in the race back to the moon. What’s next for India?; Even though some Republicans (unbelievably) are still discounting climate change, the fact is it’s here and the DHS wants communities to start facing that reality and get proactive; Can you guess where in the country, and possibly the world, more dolphins get stranded? Finally, the local leadership is doing something about it; and Peru is an archeologist’s dream country – a new discovery to be made practically on every corner — and that’s a huge problem for the government. Go beyond the headlines…

Many Americans report interacting with dead relatives in dreams or other ways

India makes history with its first successful Moon landing

This summer has been a scorcher. DHS wants communities to plan for more of them

Brics to admit six new countries to bloc including Iran and Saudi Arabia

The case for reimagining the nuclear family

Cape Cod strands more dolphins than anywhere else. Now they’re getting their own hospital

Covid risks can linger two years after infection

Threads: Meta to launch web version of flagging Threads app

In Peru, discovery of ancient ruins outpaces authorities’ ability to care for them

Biden administration in talks with Venezuela to trade sanctions relief for a free election: report

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