August 25, 2023

The mug shot seen round the world – to hijack an iconic phrase – aptly describes Trump’s, now notorious, headshot. His sinister scowl and threatening posture highlight the depth of his scorn for law, or anything that would subject him to the same rules as everyone else. His expression in the mugshot will forever define him and remind people that his presidency was the worst decision by US voters since the founding of our country; Climate change impacts everyone but it’s the poorest countries bearing the brunt of our sins. Case in point: A year ago, Pakistan had devastating floods. Today, the country still suffers with 4 million children deprived of clean water; The more the GOP threaten Mexico with military action, the more Mexico (understandably) becomes alarmed and defensive; Scientists say we might want to throw away those paper straws too; and If you’re a golfer, you know how hard it is to identify your own golf balls. Now, there’s an app to help with that. Go beyond the headlines…

Here Is Trump’s Mug Shot, the First Ever of a Former President

Four million children in Pakistan have no safe water, a year after deadly floods

GOP talk of military action in Mexico sparks dire warnings

Childcare costs keep surging with pandemic funding set to expire in September

Students face new school year with jump in bullying

Scientists May Have Unraveled a Long-Standing Mystery About the Sun

Paper drinking straws may be harmful and may not be better for the environment than plastic versions, researchers warn

New app uses computer vision to ID golf balls

Nicaragua declares Jesuit religious order illegal, will confiscate its property

 US man kidnapped as child in Pinochet’s Chile reunited with family

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