August 26, 2022

The war rages on in the Ukraine and too many Americans have lost interest. After all, it’s over there, not here. Yet, one incident that was recently narrowly avoided would have made everyone realize just how close the Ukraine is to all of us; DACA is a program considered, not only morally just, but economically beneficial. But it’s been the drum the GOP constantly bangs to stir up bad feelings against the undocumente. Now, even with a sympathetic administration in office, DACA is in jeopardy; In another example that wisdom isn’t coming from “The Bench” these days, a Texas federal judge just did something unthinkable regarding gun rights; When AI’s capabilities are put to the test, an app like this is developed. Awesome! Go beyond the headlines…

Zelensky says world narrowly avoided nuclear disaster

DACA is in jeopardy. Can the Biden administration save it?

Federal judge strikes down Texas gun ban on adults under 21

Major Latino civil rights organization in disarray after botched election

Unaccompanied Immigrant Children Who Are Pregnant And In US Custody Are Now Being Moved Across State Lines To Access Abortion Services

Extreme Heat Would Make Lots of Our Planet Dangerous by 2100, Scientists Warn

First underground radar images from Mars Perseverance Rover reveal some surprises

New App Uses AI To Classify Skin Conditions With the Snap of a Picture

As another Mexican journalist is killed, attacks on media continue to rise: report

Colombia’s leftwing government unveils tax-the-rich plan to tackle poverty

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