August 28, 2023

A new week, a new natural disaster in the making. While Florida braces for Hurricane Idalia and FL Gov. DeSantis gets booed in his own state at a prayer vigil appearance for the Jacksonville shooting victims of young white nationalist, the world still rotates on its axis: A new AP poll reveals exactly what voters, from both sides of the aisle, think about the two frontrunners in the 2024 presidential election; Corruption abound in politics and researchers attribute it as a main cause of one particular issue; What’s happening with China’s economy and why should we care?; and Ever notice roadkill? One organization wants us all to count the roadkill we see and tell them – via their new app! Go beyond the headlines…

This summer is giving us a glimpse at the dangerous future of work

China’s slow-moving economic disaster

Biden is ‘old,’ Trump is ‘corrupt’: AP-NORC poll has ominous signs for both in possible 2024 rematch

How Poverty Is a Direct Result of Corruption

Nike honouring Latino Heritage Month with some of its most vibrant sneakers

Skulls Found at Ancient Mayan Site Reveal Gruesome Historical Ritual

Mysterious Neptune Dark Spot Detected From Earth For The First Time

Drivers asked to help count sightings of roadkill via new app

Ancient priest’s remains are a first-of-a-kind find for Peru team

‘Lost’ 1,500-year-old Teotihuacan village discovered in the heart of Mexico City

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