August 5, 2021

Many still don’t have much faith in polls. Who can blame us? But polls continue to give a ‘snapshot’ of sentiment, attitudes, leanings, etc. So, the latest poll attributing Biden’s approval ratings lower than usual because of Covid, the economy, immigration, etc. seems rather absurd since Biden’s failure to solve these failings has less to do with his administration’s efforts than the hold of conspiracy theories, disinformation and lies on a sizable portion of the American population. This isn’t to say though that Biden and his team are completely absolved. For instance, with immigration, people are looking to see what his ‘Plan B’ is for the border and immigrant activists are raising the alarm over ICE – all happening under Biden’s watch; Latinos in this demographic are one of the fastest rising populations in the nation; and New analysis reveals the real age of Machu Picchu. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden’s vision for the border has gone bust. But what’s Plan B?

Senate rejects GOP effort to add Trump border wall to bipartisan infrastructure deal

Immigrant Activists Say ICE Is Purposely Targeting Them. They’re Urging Biden To Help

5 ways Americans often misunderstand Cuba, from Fidel Castro’s rise to the Cuban American vote

Why the affluent Latino population is growing strikingly faster than other wealthy groups

Home heat pumps could cut pollution and save money

Biden to sign executive order targeting half of all vehicles sold in U.S. to be zero-emissions by 2030

Flood-prone populations up nearly 25% since 2000: study

New app wants to be the Airbnb of Sports

Machu Picchu Is Older Than Previously Thought, Radiocarbon Dating Suggests

Online lecture will detail eyewitness accounts by Aztec indigenous survivors of the Conquest that marked the collapse of the Aztec Empire

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