August 6, 2021

Newly released climate reports increasingly sound the alarm that the environmental bomb is ticking more quickly. Time is of the essence when it comes to one particular ocean system; Now that Trump and his cronies have been out of Washington for a few months, an honest assessment of their activities can be made. One analysis of how Trump funded his border wall promise underscores how low the past admin continuously went to achieve their goals; and If there was any doubt that Republicans only see democratic voting as an obstacle to them staying in power — look at Georgia and how they’re already suppressing votes. Go beyond the headlines…

How Trump stiff-armed Congress — and gaslighted the courts — to build his wall

Immigrant detentions soar despite Biden’s campaign promises

US ranks last in healthcare among 11 wealthiest countries despite spending most

Georgia Republicans didn’t waste any time in using their new voter suppression law

Crucial ocean system could be collapsing—which would have catastrophic effects

Dignity neuroscience: Brain data affirm human rights

Latino cartoonist is using his art to encourage vaccinations

5 Steps Toward Creating the Life You Want

234 scientists read 14,000+ research papers to write the upcoming IPCC climate report – here’s what you need to know and why it’s a big deal

Apple debuts plan to detect images of child sexual abuse

New Travel App Finds the Best Trips for You Based on Your Budget

International environmental fest will plant 45,000 mangroves in Mexico

El Salvador Mayors Cash in on Migrant Smuggling

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