August 7, 2023

How long will it be before the ‘white majority’ becomes an urban myth? Some argue we’re already there; Tensions between China and the US seem to be escalating on a daily basis. Did you hear about the joint naval exercise China and Russia did off the coast of Alaska over the weekend? Now, an actually good partnership with the Chinese is on the brink of expiring, and it may set back innovation and discovery; Now that the panic over Covid-19 has subsided, scientists are focusing how the virus affects our brains; A federal government app that doesn’t work? It’s enough to get an administration sued; and Mexican researchers are undertaking the most ambitious project in the history of the country’s indigenous roots. Go beyond the headlines…

America’s white majority is aging out

Future of 44-year-old science agreement caught in middle of U.S.-China tensions

Texas separates migrant families, detaining fathers on trespassing charges in latest border move

Are U.S. seniors among the developed world’s poorest? It depends on your point of view

I Testified Before Congress on UFOs. What I Told Them Was the Tip of the Iceberg | Opinion

Scientists begin to untangle how COVID-19 affects brain cells

DNA From Beethoven’s Hair Reveals Surprise Almost 200 Years Later

Biden administration sued over asylum appointment app that ‘does not work’

The Herculean task of digitizing Mexico’s vast Indigenous history

South American countries gripped by record-breaking heat — in the middle of winter

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