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Crowdfunder: On a mission to show kids and adults how to read, understand & enjoy poetry

LatinaLista — Poetry is one of the most beautiful genres of literature but it can also be among the hardest to understand. It takes appreciation to understand a poet’s ‘layer’ of words and that comes with practice and guidance.

One accomplished poet wants to teach children and adults how to read poetry so they not only understand it but learn to appreciate it, and most importantly enjoy it. Best of all, he wants to create this teaching tool in both English and Spanish.

Benjamin Raymond is an educator and writer from Santa Cruz, California who has been living in Quito, Ecuador for the last three years. However, he is leaving soon and wants nothing more than to finish and publish his special book.

The book shares with his students and the world the beauty and power of poetry, helping beginners learn how to read poetry, write poetry, and live a poetic life.

Raymond feels poetry is a philosophy, a magic put into words that teaches us to die for love and to love till death.

Poetry reminds us how to live. ~ Benjamin Raymond

Since he’s leaving Ecuador, Raymond wants to leave behind a book on how to read, write and live poetry so that both his former students and whoever may pick up the book will find a way to connect to each other.

Raymond’s fundraising goal of $7,500 and will go towards: hiring translators and graphic designers, printing and publicizing/marketing the book. Yet, he plans to donate 50% of all the proceeds collected to Ecuadorian earthquake relief for all those that are struggling on the coast.

Campaign: Por un sueño de poesía- help us fulfill a dream

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