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Crowdfunder: Sustaining the natural environment of a sacred Peruvian healing center

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Campaign:  Friends of Mayantuaycu


Friends of Mayantuyacu is a campaign to raise funds to support the future sustainability of Mayantuyacu so people from all over the world can continue to benefit from its healing power for generations to come. 

Ever since Maestro Juan Flores was young he has been learning about the healing powers of plants. At 15 years old, Juan healed his first child. For much of his life, Juan traveled Peru in search of a sacred place where he could open a healing centre. Following his dreams, and with the help of a rainbow, the spirits guided Juan to a boiling river deep in the Peruvian Amazon. It is here, in this ancient sacred place, 15 years ago, that Juan Flores founded Mayantuyacu, a healing and learning centre dedicated to the study of medicinal plants. 

Now 65, the Ashahinkan Elder Maestro Flores has become a much sought-after healer and teacher for people from all corners of the globe. At any given time, a visit to Mayantuyacu can include getting to know people from half a dozen countries. Mayantuyacu is ground zero for the healing of the world. Those that have been know this.

In the ceremonies of Mayantuyacu, icaros, or songs of gratitude, are sung to the plants in exchange for their help in the healing process. Spend time at Mayantuyacu and one learns the art of gratitude, humble service, and the healing power the path wields. It is with this spirit that an international group of long-time visitors to Mayantuyacu decided to give back by creating Friends of Mayantuyacu. 

This campaign is the first initiative of Friends of Mayantuyacu and the funds raised will be used to cover projects that directly reduce the ecological footprint of visitors and ensure the long-term sustainability of visitation to this sacred place.  The project goals and objectives have been developed and prioritized in direct consultation with Maestro Flores and his wife Sandra Encalada.  

1. Sanitation Filter – With increased visitation to Mayantuyacu comes increased demands on the human waste treatment system. Presently, Mayantuyacu has a primary treatment system that empties into the boiling river.  With increasing demands, however, this system is quickly reaching its capacity and more sustainable options exist that can both increase capacity and reduce the amount of waste entering the jungle altogether.   A bio-filter system will be installed that will remove any pathogens and bacteria before it flows into the river (enhanced treatment), and provide a low-cost and modern solution that can be maintained locally (increased capacity with less maintenance). 

2. Solar Power – At Mayantuyacu, a diesel generator is turned on every evening to provide lights and power for visitors to charge their devices. Power is a necessity at Mayantuyacu and solar power, which is silent and ecologically-friendly, will be installed to meet the increasing electrical needs of the visitors without affecting the naturalness of the jungle. 

3. Garbage Removal & Recycling – To help nurture better habits for both visitors and workers, a program is being developed to promote better systems of garbage removal and recycling. The goal of this project is to remove or recycling of waste and packaging coming into the jungle.  This is a basic necessity for us to collectively ensure that Mayantuyacu looks as beautiful and natural as possible. 

Friends of Mayantuyacu is not just a campaign, it is a movement with great aspirations of bringing healing to the world and increasing awareness of the power of medicinal plants.

The campaign's goal is $10,000.



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