December 4, 2023

For the economy to improve, the Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell warned that more people must lose their jobs. Even a casual scan of the site reveals the breadth of what businesses across the country are doing to their labor forces. Psychologists always share strategies on how to deal with a layoff but what about proactive measures? It starts with knowing how companies decide who’s getting the pink slip; We’ve all seen young children cover their ears in response to loud noises. Now, scientists are showing just how noise affects the youngest of ears; Did you know the world’s biggest nuclear fusion reactor just came online? The news might be great except for where it is; and A new study finds there’s one item all Americans litter the most. Go beyond the headlines…

New study reveals America’s surprising most-littered item: ‘The largest single type of litter’

ICC prosecutor says Israel must respect international law

Republican Party Replaced by ‘Cult’ of Donald Trump, Ex-GOP Governor Warns

How companies decide who to lay off

The American dream for some is leaving the U.S.

How does noise affect children?

The World’s Biggest Nuclear Fusion Reactor Just Came Online

New app combines AI and human editors to curate the news

Mexico’s October remittances highest ever recorded in a single month

Former US ambassador arrested in Florida, accused of serving as an agent of Cuba, AP source says

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