December 11, 2023

Three weeks left till the end of the year and while the economic outlook doesn’t alarm too many economists these days, the rest of us are seeing our household budgets not just being squeezed but, for those who have been laid off, disappearing. Data shows that 199,000 jobs were gained in November and unemployment claims fell. But this is where math gets mysterious: How does that ‘seemingly’ good news jive with the fact that homeless numbers have increased, demand at food banks are skyrocketing and more people are living paycheck to paycheck? Climate change is before our eyes, no denying it. So, it’s time to think more about its ramifications on all of us. We already see people fleeing their homes because of drought and severe weather but a new alarm raised has to do with rising sea levels and hazardous waste facilities. Not a promising scenario; Baking gingerbread this holiday season? We should. Nutritionists outline the surprising health benefits for us all; and Necessity is the key to innovation, as vendors of a paper by the homeless exhibit in their app for getting paid for a paper when no one carries cash or coins on them anymore. Go beyond the headlines…

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