December 12, 2023

House GOP are driving a hard bargain to get their demands on border security from the White House. Basically pledging no talks about more aid to Ukraine unless restrictions at the US-Mexico border are enforced leaves Ukraine in a vulnerable position but does it really strengthen the GOP’s position? Not in the way their shortsightedness expects; Even if the GOP is able to get their demands, one federal judge ensures that migrant families will not be separated — for the time being; Economists identify the ‘death knell’ for the nation’s Middle Class; A cat lover? Researchers warn cats around children is a health risk that has long-term ramifications; and Meet Ashley, an AI-powered chatbot that puts a new twist to ‘robocalls.’ Go beyond the headlines…

If You Want Career Success, You Better ‘Look The Part,’ New Study Shows

Israel strikes across Gaza as the offensive leaves both it and the US increasingly isolated

Federal judge bars separating migrant families for 8 years

Housing Crisis Could Be the Death Knell for America’s Middle Class

High Court, in declining to weigh conversion therapy ban, allows law to stand

The severe El Niño in South America is a preview of a climate-changed world

Kids with cats have more than double the risk of developing schizophrenia, researchers find

Meet Ashley, the world’s first AI-powered political campaign caller

US restricts visas for over 100 Guatemala lawmakers for ‘undermining democracy’

Mexico’s president vows to eliminate regulatory, oversight agencies, claiming they are ‘useless’

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