December 12, 2022

A new analysis of the turnout of the 2022 midterms reveals a not-so-shocking reality for Dems but makes the future more of a mystery; European countries have been ‘absorbing’ more than their fair share of Ukrainian refugees. It’s only right that the US does the same but are we falling behind?; Even the ‘nones’ have taken notice of the split over recognition of the LGBTQ happening in the Methodist Church. It mirrors a trend of intolerance and disrespect of individuals’ rights, among many other unChristian values. Sad and disgusting; Has the clout a college degree garners a thing of the past?; and The trauma that many teen and young refugees are experiencing can’t even be fathomed by those of us living ‘comfortably.’ Now, there’s a new platform to help us feel, see and hear how these young, innocent victims feel being torn away from their homes, friends and loved ones. Go beyond the headlines…

Young voters’ enthusiasm for Democrats waned during midterms

Over 82,000 Ukrainian Refugees ‘Paroled’ Into U.S.: Immigration

Why You Should Be Worried About the Split in the Methodist Church

Authorities are urging indoor masking in major cities as the ‘tripledemic’ rages

Higher education’s sea change

Scientists link 1 in 100 heart disease deaths to weather extremes

Here’s why NASA’s Artemis I mission is so rare, and so remarkable

A  platform that allows young refugees to share their stories through art, poetry, and film

Illegal opium poppy cultivation in Mexico on the rise again

Brazil goldminers carve illegal ‘Road to Chaos’ out of Amazon reserve

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