December 9, 2022

As the Senate passed the bill protecting same-sex marriage, news reports are surfacing that support for the bill fell among House GOP. A clear sign that bipartisanship – on any issue – will be a hard-fought battle in this next Congress; Something unheard of was reported: The House plans to hold a hearing on ethics allegations against — the Supreme Court. It’s a shameful display of how this branch of our government, once highly respected and untouchable for their ethics, has become no better than any other branch; Scientists just made a discovery 2 million-years-old in the making; and Nobody in North American English-speaking media is talking about it but South America is experiencing a heatwave unlike they’ve ever had. Go beyond the headlines…

Bill protecting same-sex, interracial unions clears Congress

House hearing airs ethics allegations against Supreme Court

Animal shelters face a potentially fatal pet adoption crisis

Latina Empire, innovative women’s development initiative sweeping the nation

How migration shaped the World Cup

Scientists Discover Oldest DNA Ever, Revealing 2 Million-Year-Old Lost World

Brains with more Vitamin D may work better

AI startup rewards coffee farmers for maintaining forests

Heatwave sweeps South America as Argentina hits 109.4 F

Peru’s impeached former president asks Mexico for asylum

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