December 13, 2022

We use to be a country that took data seriously. However, ever since the Trump ‘gaslight’ administration, who manipulated data and created their own alternative version – remember the infamous weather map ridiculousness – data is now seen, not as something that helps us improve our practices, but something that exposes the cracks and deepening fissures of those agencies who don’t want anyone to know their failings. That’s why the revelation of some police departments is so disturbing; Does Putin really care if he runs Russia into the ground?; Biden to sign Respect for Marriage Act. What exactly does it mean for Americans?; Everyone, from the White House to MAGA, are expecting a surge in migrants at the border as Title 42 ends. Again, the bigger problem isn’t that they are here but the reasons behind their exodus from their home countries; and US and Mexico are marking a special anniversary in diplomatic relations. Go beyond the headlines…

Reported hate crimes drop after police department participation plummets

Putin Risks ‘Financial Predicament’ as War Drains Russia’s Budget: ISW

Biden to sign Respect for Marriage Act, reflecting his and the country’s evolution

Asylum seekers, migrants cross en masse at Texas-Mexico border as Title 42 nears end

Do accents disappear?

US scientists set to announce fusion energy breakthrough

Webb Telescope reveals distant planet’s atmosphere

New App Tracks the Status of Twitter Handles So You Can Snap Up the Profile Name You’ve Always Wanted

US and Mexico mark bicentennial of diplomatic relations

The Trees Will Heal You In Costa Rica

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