December 14, 2023

Global tensions continue to accelerate and nowhere is that clearer than in the Asian region. China and Russia continue to join forces in joint ‘military’ exercises(?) that beg the analysis of what they’re up to; In the meantime, former officials are warning that the US is vulnerable to a “catastrophic attack”; Ever turn to Youtube for medical advice? Experts advise on how to spot it and what to do about it; and People may not be quitting their jobs in record numbers like before but that doesn’t mean employers aren’t getting rid of people. Go beyond the headlines…

Daydreaming could amplify learning, new study shows. Why researchers are touting the importance of ‘quiet wakefulness’

S Korea scrambles jets after Chinese, Russian aircraft enter defence zone

US Vulnerable to a ‘Catastrophic Attack,’ Ex-FBI Official Warns

Employers are doing stealth layoffs now

Health misinformation is rampant on social media – here’s what it does, why it spreads and what people can do about it

When do teens lie to their parents (and when do they tell the truth)?

In a 1st, scientists combine AI with a ‘minibrain’ to make hybrid computer

Globetrotter’s new app is a ‘Spotify Wrapped’ for your travel memories

In Mexico, the sea swallows a community

Argentina’s new government devalues peso by more than 50%

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