December 13, 2023

When talking about a political divide in the country, the implication is that it refers to the choice of US president. However, the political divide goes much deeper than that. It has infiltrated our public schools (book banning), women’s personal choice (abortion bans) and the use of gender-affirming care for children (banning gender-affirming care for children, bans on transgender youth in sports). Now, according to a new study, that divide permeates yet another issue; Participants of the COP28 Climate Summit ended their gathering by making a bold deal. The bigger question is, can they keep it?; Common acceptance was that Covid was a huge killer of lives but one writer sounds the alarm for something deadlier than Covid that is taking too many Americans; It’s easy to feel powerless when trying to compensate for the ongoing threats to our climate but a new app wants to help empower us all to do our part in saving our planet. Go beyond the headlines…

Views on marriage becoming more partisan, new survey shows

COP28 climate summit ends with deal to transition away from fossil fuels

Ranked choice is ‘the hot reform’ in democracy. Here’s what you should know about it

November’s inflation data is not as benign as it seems

Opinion: This is bigger than COVID: Why are so many Americans dying early?

Arctic Report Card 2023: From wildfires to melting sea ice, the warmest summer on record had cascading impacts across the Arctic

Encounter with humpback whales reveals potential for nonhuman intelligence communication

Where COP28 has failed, new app Earthize helps the public take matters into their own hands

Mexico’s INAH investigates cave discovered during Maya Train construction

Argentina’s surging prices add urgency to new president’s plan

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