December 15, 2023

Politics can’t help but be partisan these days given how diametrically opposed both parties’ guiding principles are and their concept of democracy. The bigger question for voters in 2024 is which party will uphold our democracy and all the constitutional rights that accompany it; Used to be, cities tried to entice people to move to their forgotten urban centers, a.k.a. downtowns. It worked until it didn’t; Scientists claim to have found a surprising phenomenon in one of the remotest regions of the world slowing the effects of climate change. Can it be replicated?; The buzz of doomsayers is how AI will overtake the world. Not yet, but they will be taking over a new news show next year; and Is the US economy being saved by ‘older’ workers? Go beyond the headlines…

New Survey Reveals 77% of American High School Students Feel Overwhelmed by Tests

Ukraine War Maps Show Impact of Victory for Russia

Americans agree that the 2024 election will be pivotal for democracy, but for different reasons

Older Workers Are Growing in Number and Earning Higher Wages

“The donut effect” is reshaping America’s cities

Sun unleashes monster X-class solar flare, most powerful since 2017 (video)

Scientists uncover a surprising phenomenon in the Himalayas that might be slowing the effects of climate change

AI-generated news anchors to be part of new national news channel premiering next year

In southern Mexico, the cost for migrants to reach the US is increasingly death

Guyana and Venezuela promise not to use force in bitter dispute over oil rich region

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