December 18, 2020

In the wake of the murder of Vanessa Guillen and several other soldiers of color at Fort Hood, Texas, Reuters discovers that the Pentagon had been sitting on data for decades that could possibly have made a difference; Heard about the Russian cyberhack? Of course, not from Trump but security experts are equating the hack to an act of war; You know what the top 2020 scientific breakthrough was? and One common ‘tool’ is making a big impact on migration in today’s world. Go beyond the headlines…

The Pentagon has been sitting on racial discrimination data for decades

In historic pick, Biden taps Native American Congresswoman Haaland as interior secretary

Cyberhack looks like act of war

Nearly a dozen immigrants kept in solitary confinement for more than two months: report

The Kidnapped American Trump Forgot: Jorge Dominguez was a U.S. citizen kidnapped in Mexico by the military. Did the U.S. government do anything to find him?

If COVID-19 Vaccines Bring An End To The Pandemic, America Has Immigrants To Thank

People needed jobs, but language was a barrier. He set up a Spanish-language shift.

To put focus on inequality, talk disadvantages

The top scientific breakthrough for 2020 was understanding SARS-CoV-2 and how it causes COVID-19 – and then developing multiple vaccines

Wildfire smoke can carry microbes that cause infectious diseases

Researchers Connect Hearing Loss, Diabetes and Dementia in Latinos

How The Spread Of The Internet Is Changing Migration

Jupiter and Saturn will form the first “double planet” in 800 years

Immigration Qs were keeping students from applying to college. So Common App is changing.

In Uruguay, A Tiny Wine Region Makes a Big Impression

Exile Music: A Jewish family’s journey from Vienna to Bolivia

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