December 18, 2023

Over the weekend, the Biden administration declared operations at two rail crossings would be suspended at the US-Mexico border due to the rise in migrants. US border states are feeling the economic pinch of servicing so many who continue to flood the border that the AZ governor is calling for the National Guard and Texas’ Gov. Abbott is signing into law a draconian bill that creates a criminal charge (misdemeanor offense) for crossing through the Mexico-Texas border undocumented at any moment at any time. That may not sound like a big deal but the bill also authorizes police officers, sheriff’s deputies, and state troopers to arrest people they suspect are illegally in the US. This is nothing more than Racial Profiling 2.0. Grant it, many of these migrants aren’t just fleeing their home countries due to war, gang violence or poor economic conditions but also because of climate. It’s something driving many Americans from their homes as well; You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know Putin is a delusional maniac but evidently you do to be on his radar for trumped up treason charges; Ever try to hold that sneeze in? Experts say, “stop it,” unless you want to end up with a worse condition than blowing out your eardrums; and Chilean voters just voted to keep a curious relic from their country’s dictatorship era. Go beyond the headlines…

Americans abandoning neighborhoods due to rising flood risk, study finds

Russia Jailed Over a Dozen Rocket Scientists on Treason Charges

US to suspend rail operations on the southern border due to migrant surge

Black and Latino Americans haven’t experienced the same economy as everyone else

The global web of science collaboration is expanding

Experts warn to let sneezes out after man tears hole in his throat

US adults found to eat a meal’s worth of calories in snacks each day

Jagat, location-based social network focusing on real-life connections, surpasses 10M users

Convent-made delicacies, a Christmas favorite, help Mexican monks and nuns win fans and pay the bills

Chileans reject conservative constitution to replace dictatorship-era charter

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