December 19, 2023

We’ve long heard that the Christmas season, along with winter, trigger depression and anxiety in many people. Given continuing layoffs across the country, the uptick in homelessness and food insecurity, increasing global violence and next year’s presidential election, along with unexpected weather events, it’s no wonder that depression has a way of creeping over people. However, there’s always help to combat it. The sad thing is, according to a new survey, the majority of us put our mental and physical health needs on the back burner during this season; It isn’t enough that Texas ranks the lowest among states when it comes to the well-being of children, pregnant women and the impoverished. Now, the Lone Star State’s governor is taking the lone action among his peers of criminalizing any immigrant who crosses the border illegally AND empowering Texas law enforcement to arrest anyone who looks undocumented. Dismissing the potential ramifications of such an ill-thought piece in a state where Latinos outnumber whites screams blatant racism on behalf of this governor and his TX GOP cronies and the escalation of racial profiling; Which is really odd since one reporter on a trip to the TX-MX border finds surprising political views among Mexicans; and Scientists always knew whales exhibited a high level of intelligence. So, why not ‘talk’ to them? Go beyond the headlines…

New Survey: 79% of survey respondents overlook their health needs during the holidays; find the holidays more stressful than tax season

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‘There are a lot of Mexican people looking forward to Trump’

Artificial intelligence can predict events in people’s lives, researchers show

Scientists Contact Whales in World-First Communication Experiment

An electric car completed the world’s first-ever drive from the North to the South Pole

Best health benefits of organic Maya honey

China, Russia, Iran and Cuba all tried to meddle in 2022 US congressional elections, intelligence assessment finds

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