December 20, 2023

Tech layoffs continue at a steady pace. Yet, new research shows that AI is what will drive the racial wealth gap even higher. The clear problem has two caveats: The AI sector (a.k.a. tech) still doesn’t have enough diversity within its ranks; and knowing how to build AI is not a guarantee of job security. The solution requires people to be innovative in how to use AI, and for that a person doesn’t need to work in the tech industry or for someone else; The GOP is doubling down on hate towards undocumented immigrants, but according to the U.S. Census, the nation should be thanking these same immigrants for giving the US an unique edge over the rest of the developed world; Poinsettia symbolize the beauty and peace of the Christmas season. Unfortunately, the history of its namesake reveals otherwise; and Saving the planet has long been the mandate of indigenous communities around the world. One such community in Mexico is taking that responsibility to another level. Go beyond the headlines…

Researchers warn AI could add billions to U.S. racial wealth gap

EU strikes ‘historic’ migration deal

Immigration fuels uptick in US population growth

Fewer young men are in college, especially at 4-year schools

Joel Roberts Poinsett: Namesake of the poinsettia, enslaver, secret agent and perpetrator of the ‘Trail of Tears’

The Cause of Alzheimer’s May Be Coming From Inside Your Mouth

U.S. Physical Inactivity Pandemic Is A Crisis Within A Crisis

My Pocket Lawyer aims to make justice more accessible

‘We make magic here’: the Amazon community creating a future out of chocolate

Mexico’s indigenous activists are risking their lives for butterflies

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